• Athletes in all different kinds of sports use BLACKROLL® products in training and regeneration. Our products help them to improve performance, to relieve tensions and to encourage circulation and blood flow.

    The BLACKROLL® initially was developed to provide athletes with a clever tool for self myofascial treatment (SMT = "self myofascial techniques"). But in recent years more and more coaches, athletes and sports scientists introduced the BLACKROLL® into their functional training as well.

  • What is BLACKROLL®?

    BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sports levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self massage. They are the optimal addition to classical treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.

    Overuse, inflammation or a surgical operation can change the fascial tissue and lead to hardening, immobility and pain. With BLACKROLL® one can simply and fast work on the musculature, improving mobility and relief pain. With BLACKROLL® products, you actively work on the release of adhesions and optimisation of recovery processes. Besides a wide variety of self massage products, BLACKROLL® aims to grow its collection with additional smart and easy to use products aiming to improve your overall physical wellbeing.

  • Benefits

    Improves flexibility, mobility and performance of the muscles.

    Targeted recovery of the muscles and improvement of blood circulation.

    Improves poor posture through balance work.

    Targeted recovery of the muscles and improvement of blood circulation.

    Actively enhances your fitness, performance and well-being, and avoids pain, such as typical (sport-related) injuries.

    Prevents muscle pain and typical injuries like muscle damage, occurring from overuse or repetitive movement.


    BLACKROLL® Fascia Training


    In this APP you will find versatile and highly-efficient exercises for self-massage, recovery and functional training using the BLACKROLL® products.

    Get a BLACKROLL® roll- and workout for each body part, BLACKROLL® product or training level, all in one APP.
    Download the APP on your phone and roll into a fitter life!

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