• About Functional Training Institute ( FTI )

    FTI provides cutting edge personal training courses and certifications in the field of ‘Functional Training’. Functional training
    is taking the fitness world by storm but the equipment is only beneficial if it has a methodology behind it. Our in-depth
    Fundamental Courses aim to give you this methodology.


    Through undertaking our education programs, trainers will:

    • Learn to teach using verbal, kinaesthetic and visual cues and understanding that different clients require different cues.
    • Learn how to breakdown movements into phases so learning is simplified.
    • Learn how and when to apply regressions and progressions of exercises.
    • Learn how to create dynamic programs that generate terrific results for the clients.
    • Attract new clients and referrals.
    • Stimulate existing clientele and retain them for longer.
    • Learn how to conduct semi-private training and small group sessions.
  • Fundamental Courses

    These courses will give you the foundational basis and a unique skill set to start a career in functional training.

    Functional Bags

    One of the BEST tools for teaching people essential movements. This course is primarily focused on teaching hip, knee and pressing mechanics.

    Kettlebells 1 & 2

    Kettlebells are on one of the most powerful tools on the planet for developing strength, power and endurance. They are incredibly versatile as there are hundreds of exercises that be performed.

    Mobility Course

    Mobility is an essential component of ANY exercise program. It is paramount to helping your clients move better and minimising the chances of injury occurring.

    Battling Ropes

    Brilliant tool for metabolic training, strength endurance, partner interaction and aerobic endurance. Dynamic, challenging and multi-dimensional.

    Barbell Fundamentals

    Best training tools for developing strength, power and muscle mass. This course covers the key Barbell Exercises in depth so you can use this incredible tool with a broad spectrum of clients.

    Group FX

    Become a better coach via the coaching foundations and programming principles within this course. Take your group training to a higher level.

    Speed, Agility and Quickness

    Speed, agility and quickness are the foundation for all sports and activities. If you are fast, strong, and agile, there is no sport or activity that you cannot pursue. Everyone can benefit by incorporating these elements of training into their training program.

  • Master Functional Trainer Certification

    The Master Functional Trainer certification comprises a 3 stage process which the trainer/coach completes to gain a status as an expert in the field of functional training.

    The certification will give you the edge when it comes to implementing a successful training model for your client and will help you to grow your business with proven training principles.


  • 3 Stages


    Functional Training Foundations Course

    Master Functional Trainer is a comprehensive 2 day course that can be completed online. It is broken into 4 components: Functional Anatomy, Client Screening, Programming, Mind-set coaching.


    Face to Face Modules

    This is all about the tools and how to use and teach them with safety and proficiency. Each of the courses are mini certifications and hold maximum accreditation points with ACE, NASM and Fitness Australia.

    The 6 courses are: Fundamentals of Kettlebell Level 1 and 2, Fundamentals of Functional Bags, Fundamentals of Battling Rope, Fundamentals of Mobility, Advanced Suspended Fitness.


    Examination & Certification

    You will be given a take home exam to complete which is made up of 20 case study questions designed to ensure you have successfully grasped the concepts learned in stages 1 and 2.


    Once you have completed the exam it will be marked by our assessor and if successful you will gain the prestigious certification.

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