• Personal Training Academy Global

    Fitness redefined.

  • Personal Trainer Academy Global was birthed out of a glaring need present in our industry – to address the real challenges the industry faces on a daily basis… Challenges like membership and trainer attrition, sustainable revenue, and better client / member experiences.


    Industry education has traditionally focused on the human body, physical needs, exercise sciences, sales strategies, and telling the client / member what we thought they should do.


    What the industry greatly lacked was an understanding of the behavioral sciences and focus on the human being. It had failed to address the mental and emotional aspects of people and how vitally important it is for a client / member to be heard and accommodated rather than poked and prodded.


    PTA Global was formed in 2008 and launched in 2009. While this may seem to be a very young company, it was decades in the making as the founding members have hundreds of collective years of industry experience seeing what was working and was not.


    The PTA Global founding team informally interviewed hundreds of club owners, operators, managers, directors, and trainers – new, old, in and out of the industry.


    From this aggregated information, they developed their patented Systems, Sciences, and Tools™ to provide practically proven, scientifically validated solutions to address what the industry told them its challenges and needs were. They listened, heard, and accommodated.


  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

    PTA Global's Certified Personal Training (CPT) education is the first in the industry to be done in collaboration with 26 of the world's most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators. This educational course is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Fitness Professional by empowering you with the necessary skills to be successful immediately. In this educational course, you will be introduced to the scientifically and practically proven Systems, Sciences and Tools of PTA Global.

    Course Structure:


    This course is blended with online and live workshops to provide you the most holistic learning experience possible facilitated by our experienced PTA Global Educators where they are committed to share their knowledge and skills to help you kick start your journey as a fitness professional.

    60 hours online modules + a series of live workshops that is required to be completed in the span of 2 months.


    This Course Includes:

    All Major Exercise Sciences


    From industry experts like Paul Chek, Tom Purvis, Greg Rospkopf, Chuck Wolf, Michol Dalcourt, Dr. John Berardi and many more

    Motivation System


    Ready-made Client Orientation questionnaires built on the principles of Motivational Interviewing to enhance client motivation and build client-centered program design strategies

    Movement System


    Creating and manipulating exercises in 3-dimensions inspired by industry expert, Gary Gray and the Gray Institute

    Programming System


    First ever Behavior-based Program Design Tool filled with hundreds of pre-made, client-centered, 12-week periodized programs to match a clients Goal, Style of training, and Level of ability.

    and many more...


    • Business Development, Sales, and Marketing strategies.
    • Special Populations.
    • The Practical Side of Being a Personal Trainer from real world testimonies.

    Package Includes:


    • PTA Global CPT Manual
    • PTA Global Online Membership Access
    • Unlimited access to hundreds of pre-made programs based on Goals, Style and Level of training
    • Online access to the practice exam
    • First attempt at the final exam
    • PTA Global & Babel Academy Co-Branded Apparels
    • Live workshop @ Babel Academy
  • Behaviour Change in Exercise (BCE)

    The PTA Global BCE Credential will allow trainers to communicate, connect, and train effectively with every client. Showing how to create outcome-driven motivational interviewing sessions combined with neuro- and exercise science tools, the BCE Credential will allow a trainer to promote behavior change in their clients.



    This Course Includes:

    Behavior Change & Motivational Interviewing

    Building a Business

    Posture & Movement

    Program Design

    Group Training

    Business Solutions

    Package includes:


    • 1 day Live workshop
    • Video: 20 hours of online interactive video
    • Training Manual
    • Exercise Videos: 250 exercise videos specific to the content
    • Program Design Tool (PDT): access to hundreds of pre-made programs for all goals, styles and levels of client
    • Unlimited access to online education
    • Online access to the final exam
    • CECs/CEUs approved by ACE 2.0, NASM 1.9, NESTA 2.0, NSCA 2.0
  • Exercise & Stress Management (ESM)

    From the accumulation of years of experience and the latest in the scientific understanding of the human body, heart, and brain, the PTA Global team has developed one of the most holistic and practical corrective exercise systems designed to truly personalize your training business.


    This will be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have in an educational course as you are introduced to a whole new approach to viewing your client through the holistic lens of emotional, lifestyle and physical observation. Develop programs to meet them where they need to be met TODAY!



    This Course Includes:

    Functional Biomechanics


    Applying the concept of Bio-Tensegrity & Exercise Biomechanics.

    Advanced Functional Anatomy


    Exploring the practical and functionality of myofascial lines.

    MOVE Appraisal


    A 3-Dimensional movement observation with corrective exercise strategies.

    Applied Multisensory Communication


    How to see, hear and move your client.


    Daily Readiness Observation


    A holistic observation system looking at your clients’ stress levels from a Lifestyle, Physical, Mental and Emotional lens.

    Package includes:


    • 1 day Live workshop
    • Unlimited access to hundreds of pre-made programs based on Goals, Style and Level of training
    • Unlimited access to online education
    • Online access to the final exam
    • CECs/CEUs approved by ACE 1.1, NASM 1.0, NESTA 1.2, NSCA 1.2
  • PTA Global

    Progression Path





    Specific for :

    People who are passionate about fitness and would like to turn that passion into a purpose driven career where you have the ability to inspire and change people’s lives.


    Course Length :

    60 hours




    Specific for:

    Certified Personal Trainer who would like to learn to communicate, connect, and train every client effectively.


    Course Length : 

    1 day




    Specific for:

    Certified Personal Trainer who would like to view clients through the holistic lens of emotional, lifestyle and physical observation to develop a more personalized program.


    Course Length : 

    1 day

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