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  • Update as of 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, 29 September 2020




    At Babel, our primary concern through this period has been providing our members with the information necessary to equip and protect themselves.


    And so, it gives us great pleasure to inform you following our comprehensive contact-tracing investigation and testing, our community is all good!

    Updated Course of Events


    We have mapped out our actions below for you to discern.


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    23 September​ 2020

    • A COVID-Task Force was formed.

    • Liaised with the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM).

    • Both clubs (KLCC and TTDI) were disinfected within 12 hours from receiving the news.

    • An official communication to all members was sent via email to inform them regarding the situation.

    • A comprehensive contact-tracing investigation was conducted - establishing the exact dates and times Member A visited Babel and members who are in contact with them.

    • As well as curating an additional mandatory Travel Declaration Form to all members arriving at Babel.


    24 September 2020

    • With sufficiently accurate information and identification of staff and members who came in contact with Member A, we began contacting identified members as soon as possible.

    • We secured COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests to be conducted, with guidance from KKM. Some of the identified affected parties manage to get tested, with the rest scheduled across 48 hours.


    25 September​ 2020

    • We successfully reached out to all identified parties. We have instructed those who have been tested to self-isolate at home to be under Home Surveillance Order (HSO), as advised by KKM.

    • We received official confirmation that the test results of those taken on the 24 September 2020 are ALL NEGATIVE.
      We will continue to update all stakeholders as we receive more results in time.

    • We sent out another email update to all members with regards to the latest development thus far.


    26 September​ 2020

    • We successfully completed testing for all those who identified as being in close proximity to Member A on the days of visitation.

    • We have instructed all those tested to continue to self-isolate at home under the Home Surveillance Order (HSO), as advised by KKM.


    27 September​ 2020

    • We received official confirmation that the test results of those taken on 25 September 2020 have also returned as ALL NEGATIVE.

    • We reached out to all identified parties and lodged an update to KKM to inform of the results.

    • We sent another email to update all members of the latest developments.


    28 September​ 2020

    • All results received thus far, from for all those who identified as being in close proximity to Member A have been confirmed as NEGATIVE.

    • We are currently awaiting the final test result of the last individual, identified as being in close proximity to Member A.

    • Spot check conducted by KKM at Babel TTDI with assurance given that all SOPs are being adhered to.


    29 September​ 2020

    • We received official confirmation that the test results of ALL tests conducted on those who identified as being in close proximity to Member A have returned as NEGATIVE.

    • We have sent out an email to all our members, summarising the details of our investigation efforts.

  • Appreciation


    We believe that going above and beyond the recommended guidelines/SOPs has and will continue to protect our community through these trying times.


    We thank you for believing in us and what we try to do. Your unwavering support and trust has been our pillar and motivation in preserving this community.


    Stay safe,


  • Update as of 5:19 p.m. Sunday, 27th September 2020




    To date, we’re able to confirm that the tests conducted on 24 and 25 September, including staff and members, have since all been declared as Negative.

    We’re currently awaiting the results of the final tests which were conducted on 26 September, with all reports received thus far being submitted to Kementarian Kesihataan Malaysia (KKM) for continued monitoring.

    Updated Course of Events


    We have mapped out our actions below for you.


    Detailed Course of Events (See Above for latest timeline)

  • Getting Through This Together


    As we all learn to navigate through unchartered waters, it is vitally important that we stick to the facts and support each other during difficult times. As 2020 continues to challenge us all, we hope that with cooperation and empathy we will all be able to ride the waves of uncertainty and work towards a happier, healthier future.



    We recognise and sincerely appreciate all our members and staff for your adherence to the SOPs and for your transparency in completing our weekly Travel Declaration form upon entry. Your continued support is paramount in helping safeguard our entire community.

    Stay safe,





    10:40 p.m. Friday, 25 September 2020


    This pandemic persists in displacing us from our daily routine. It affects the way we live, act and speak. Navigating its uncertainty alone triggers overwhelming feelings among us, as we are still learning how to cope.


    On a global and national scale, working towards eradicating this virus is a collective responsibility. As such, we must all continue to individually do our part to protect our well-being.

    What Happened?


    With a heavy heart, we have been informed by Member A on the 23 September 2020 that they have tested positive for COVID-19 after recent multiple outstation trips to a high-risk zone (experienced a surge of cases between 13 to 25 September).

    The date of contraction is still uncertain, however it is with hope and care that we wish Member A a swift recovery.



    The footprints of Member A in Babel for the past 2 weeks (following the COVID-19’s incubation period) are as follow:


    Detailed Course of Events (See Above for latest timeline)

  • TTDI


    2 Separate Occasions


    14 & 17 September 2020
    AM Off-Peak



    4 Separate Occasions

    9, 10, 11 & 13 September 2020
    AM Off-Peak

  • Am I Affected?


    We have reached out directly to everyone who is affected as we have already identified members who have been in contact either verbally or physically over an extended period of time through our comprehensive contact-tracing investigation.

    What is Considered as Being in Contact?


    The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) defines the characteristics of a contact as anyone with the following exposures to a COVID-19 case, from 2 days before to 14 days after the case’s onset of illness:

    • Being within 1 metre of a COVID-19 case for >15 minutes; 
    • Direct physical contact with a COVID-19 case; and
    • Providing direct care for patients with COVID-19 disease without using proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

    How We Identify a Contact?


    We created a minute-by-minute report analysing every second of our CCTV footage involving Member A’s visits to Babel, which includes:

    • Being within 5 metres radius from Member A cumulatively for 15 minutes or more;
    • Having a conversation with Member A for 5 minutes or more;
    • Any direct physical contact with Member A; and
    • Identifying all equipment used by Member A during workouts.

    What Are We Doing?


    We would like to take this time to further detail the events that have unfolded in the past few days. Additionally, we have also immediately informed and been in constant communication with the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and the following actions have been taken:


    Detailed Course of Events (See Above for latest timeline)

  • On top of the implemented SOP introduced by the Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN), KKM and ourselves, additional measures have been personally taken. All current and practicing SOPs are as listed below:

    • Availability of hand sanitisers, disinfectant spray guns and individual microfiber cloths for members’ usage;
    • Club-wide disinfection of both Babel KLCC and Babel TTDI;
    • Regular sterilisation of all equipment and surfaces with 70% alcohol-based cleaning solution;
    • Increased chlorination of our swimming pool, within safe levels;
    • Controlled and reduced capacity of Group Classes and Gym Floor usage;
    • Compulsory temperature checks conducted by Menara KEN and Suria KLCC, respectively;
    • Check-In counter relocation to control traffic flow;
    • No Sharing of Equipment in Group Classes.
    • Removal of hard-to-clean equipment such as SandBags, Kickboxing gloves, Heart Rate Monitors, and Tennis Balls.
    • Contactless Check-in.
    • No Cash Payments.
    • Tours and trials have been discontinued until further notice; and
    • Implementation of mandatory Travel Declaration Form.

    What We Are Doing Moving Forward


    We will continue our constant engagement with KKM and update all stakeholders through multiple platforms as the events unfold.


    We have implemented a travel declaration form, of which on a weekly basis, will require any member who has traveled to a high-risk destination to be socially responsible and transparent to declare and to self-quarantine for the safety of our community.

    Uncertainty Brews Negativity


    Negativity has struck a constant tone throughout this year. As humans, we are flawed but thankfully, we are always learning. Rather than pointing fingers, let’s not allow fear to dictate our actions, instead, let compassion and empathy shape our future.



    On behalf of Babel, we would like to extend our gratitude to those who continued to cooperate and support us, especially our members and the Frontliners. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we weather through this together.


    Stay safe,




    For more details or if you would require further clarification, please WhatsApp us at +6010 822 9259 or email us at [email protected] to speak directly with our COVID-Task Force.



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