• COVID-19
    Important Updates

  • 2:00 pm, 18 December 2020


    Important Announcement


    To date, thanks to our enhanced Health & Safety Procedures, no contraction or transmission of Covid-19 has occurred amongst our members and staff within Babel premises thus far. As such, we'd like to commend the unwavering efforts by our members and staff, in adhering to the Health and Safety guidelines at all times.


    Unfortunately, despite our temporary closure (in accordance to MCO guidelines) we have been informed by a member on 16th January (henceforth referred to as; Member A), that Member A has tested positive for COVID-19 on 15th January. Member A, an "All Club Access" member has not visited Babel TTDI due to our enhanced SOP of "Single Club" access only.


    All members and staff in contact/proximity with Member A have been contacted and have confirmed that they do not exhibit any symptoms. They have also been informed to self quarantine in accordance to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) guidelines.


    As a precautionary measure, we have begun our investigation, compiled all the information through extensive contacting tracing and shared with KKM as per standard procedures.

    Course of Events


    We have mapped out our actions below for you:-


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    6 January 2021

    • At 7:30 pm, Member A attended a Class at Babel KLCC. Member A did not use the gym floor.

    • As per our enhanced SOPs, Member A, the instructor and class participants wore face-masks for the duration of the class and are therefore considered at a lower risk.


    13 January 2021

    • Both Babel Outlets at KLCC and TTDI were closed from 13th January to 26th January in accordance to MCO guidelines.


    15 January 2021

    • Member A was tested POSITIVE for COVID-19.

    16 January 2021

    • At 4:30 pm, Member A informed Babel about the test result being POSITIVE. 
    • Babel COVID-Task Force was re-formed.
    • A comprehensive contact-tracing investigation was conducted - establishing the exact dates and times Member A visited Babel and members who are in contact with them.
    • All members in contact/proximity had been informed and asked to remain in self quarantine.
    • Babel liaised with the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM).

    • An official communication to all members was sent via email to inform them regarding the situation.


    18 January 2021

    • As precautionary measure, the instructor that conducted a class at Babel KLCC on 6 January ( attended by Member A) was sent for a PCR COVID-19  test. 
    • Instructor's PCR COVID-19 results returned as NEGATIVE. 
  • What We Are Doing Moving Forward


    Although, all Babel Outlets remain closed from 13th January to 26th January 2021 in accordance to MCO guidelines, we will continue our constant engagement with KKM and update all stakeholders through multiple platforms as the events unfold.



    On behalf of Babel, we would like to extend our gratitude to those who continued to cooperate and support us, especially our members and the Frontliners. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we get through this together.


    Be Safe. Be Vigilant.




    For more details or if you would require further clarification, please WhatsApp us at +6010 822 9259 or email us at [email protected] to speak directly with our COVID-Task Force.