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  • Kenneth

    Tier 1 Coach


    Meet our youngest member of the family, Kenneth! Years ago, he turned to fitness back when he had a rough time growing up. Today, Kenneth is inspired to see how fitness lifestyle impacts individuals and their lives. This sensitive soul is willing to get down & dirty with you if it means to help you achieve great results! He may be small in size, but you’ll be amazed to see him power lift. With strength training as his specialty, you can expect a lot of lifting when you’re in his class, even in water!




    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Animal Flow, Aqua45, HIIT2O


    Tier 1 Coach


    Standing at 6.3 feet tall, he’s a natural born athlete who has a passion for swimming since the age of 3. With a degree of Sports and Exercise Science, this timid looking trainer is well-equipped with knowledge on weight gain and bodybuilding. Adam loves to find new ways to break his personal records. He stands by the motto, “overcome your kryptonite” and applies that in his training; focusing on strength training and building endurance.





    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension



    Tier 1 Coach


    Whenever you’re in Fadly’s class, he will lead and motivate to push beyond your limits. This cycling junkie will always try new things to challenge your strength and endurance. Fadly specialises in functional movement; focusing more on correcting and improving your daily activities. He finds the perfect balance between doing body weight workouts and indulging in ice creams. It’s never a dull moment when you’re training with Fadly.







    Classes : Cync, Peloton, HIIT30, HIIT45

    Ming Shao

    Tier 2 Coach


    Ming Shao, a graduate in Exercise Science believes that fit is not a destination, instead it is a way of life. Ming Shao prioritizes in correcting your flexibility and mobility before diving into the extreme exercises. As an athlete throughout his life, Ming Shao believes that discipline and persistence will help to achieve your results. Don’t be fooled by his poker face, Ming Shao has a lot of tricks up his hand even when it comes to training. His “no nonsense” style will drive yourself to push harder when you’re in his class. Here’s an interesting fact about Ming Shao - he is fluent in Thai!

    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Circuit, Suspension, Snooze by Getha, Animal Flow, HIIT2O, Aqua45


    Tier 2 Coach


    Growing up, Qhalid has always been active in sports, even represented his school in various competitions. His height may intimidate you, but this trainer of ours is approachable if you need help in getting your form right. Qhalid specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss, which compliments his signature training style of resistance training. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop, you will definitely enjoy Qhalid’s classes. You will be dripping in sweat in his class, but with some sick beats you will forget the struggle and remember why do you keep coming back for more!

    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45


    Tier 2 Coach for Dance

    Tier 1 Coach for PT

    Okay ladies, you are in for a treat! This man is packed with muscles and slick moves. You will be amazed by the way this guy moves his body. Darren’s a well known popping specialist in the Malaysian dance scene who loves his meat — BBQ honey-glazed ribs to be exact. Darren focuses more on high intensity and high volume when it comes to training. Expect a lot of muscle focus, rhythm and high intensity, both in class and personal training.




    Classes : STOP:Motion, Groove Thang, RnR


    Tier 3 Coach for Dance

    Tier 1 Coach for PT

    Famously known as @definitelymayb_ in the social media world, this chili padi sized trainer is a firecracker. Aside from dancing, she also enjoys spending time with animals and reading. Don’t be fooled by this bouncing ball of energy, she turns into a feisty firecracker when class is in session. Maybelline’s ultimate goal is to get her dances to connect their movements with their innerselves. When you enter her class, don’t be shy, just have fun and be ready to shake your booty!




    Classes : GRIIND, Choreography by Mayhem, Groove Thang, RnR



    Tier 3 Coach


    Hanna’s training style is the epitome of badass, you’re never know what you’re in for! All you have to do is bring your A game and she will bring your stamina to a level you didn’t think possible. Trust Hanna to make sure you burn enough calories to earn your meal after. Your success is her mission! Besides personal training, Hanna is also experienced in group classes. Make sure to book her classes early, her classes are always fully booked!




    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Animal Flow, Aqua45, HIIT2O


    Tier 3 Coach


    Kish is an experienced Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer with strong background in functional training and strength & conditioning. Specializing in corrective exercises, animal locomotion and functional movement, it’s not brainer that this former bodybuilder is highly passionate to help others reach their health and fitness goals. Together with this cool and calm manner, Kish loves to engage his clients in activities that encourage healthy lifestyle, mind and body.





    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Animal Flow


    Tier 3 Coach


    Tony is a former British army and has been residing in KL for 3 years. Don’t be intimidated by him, this tough cookie knows how to crack a joke or two! When training, Tony applies exercises designed to challenge the ability to move in a more integrated manner. Be prepared to sweat your heart out when you join Tony’s classes. This Budokon, Yoga and Kickboxing specialist will train and challenge you to a level you wouldn’t imagine. As a Master Fitness Trainer and Master Rehab Trainer, Tony also incorporates functional training into endurance and resistance training programs in assisting clients to reach their goals.

    Classes : Cync, Peloton, Budokon, Cardio Kickboxing, H2FlOw


    Tier X Coach


    Staying true to the phrase, “Jack of all Trades”, it’s no wonder why Jacq’s at the highest level of the ladder - he’s been in the fitness industry since 2005! He’s passionate in movement, strength, music and all things fitness. His spirit and never ending energy will help you to unleash the inner Thor in you! As a trainer, Jacq’s training style is pretty hybrid; mixing both traditional and progressive tools together with body weight movements, to help his clients achieve their goals. Just be ready to keep up with this ball of energy!





    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, HIIT2O

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    TIER 3

    RM 160 per session


    TIER X

    RM 200 per session

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