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    TIER 1

    RM 120 per session


    TIER 2

    RM 160 per session


    TIER 3

    RM 200 per session


    TIER X

    RM 240 per session

  • Naim

    Tier 1 Coach

    A cyclist since childhood, Naim participated in numerous tournaments, competing in mountain biking and XCO. Through dealing with several cycling-related injuries, he began to explore strength training as a form of injury prevention and to increase his overall performance. His goal is to help dispel false information and common myths surrounding fitness so you aren’t hindered by a needless fear of injury.








    Classes: HIIT30, HIT45, Cync


    Tier 1 Coach

    It’s never a dull moment with Soniyah, with a ‘can do’ attitude and an ever bubbly demeanour, her infectious energy will definitely have you looking forward to your next session. With a focus on locomotion; functional mobility and range of motion is extremely important to this athlete. Being a PTA Global certified trainer with a background in both Design and Fashion, Soniyah knows how to mix things up, a skill she uses to infuse variety in all her workouts so that your body is constantly guessing and adaptation never gets the best of you.


    Classes: HIIT30, HIIT45, Animal Flow


    Tier 1 Coach

    Standing at 6.3 feet tall, he’s a natural born athlete who has a passion for swimming since the age of 3. With a degree of Sports and Exercise Science, this timid looking trainer is well-equipped with knowledge on weight gain and bodybuilding. Adam loves to find new ways to break his personal records. He stands by the motto, “overcome your kryptonite” and applies that in his training; focusing on strength training and building endurance.





    Classes: HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension


    Tier 1 Coach


    A self-styled ‘Average Joe’, Bryan is your friendly neighbourhood personal trainer. Playing sports from an early age building his foundation in athletics; even briefly competing in Muay Thai, he eventually fell in love with aesthetics training. Bryan keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry, adopting new practices to better train his clients. A certified PTA trainer, who’s a savage in the gym and romantic at heart, he helps clients achieve their full potential.





    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Circuit

    Ren Kai

    Tier 2 Coach

    A student of the game, Ren Kai is constantly pushing the limits of his anatomy. An avid sportsman and former swimming instructor, this Sports Science graduate firmly believes strength and conditioning is the foundation for enhancing performance. His philosophy is that FUN is paramount to great health; If you don’t enjoy your workouts, you’ll never be able to commit. His specialty? Facilitating a joyful learning environment. ​




    Classes: HIIT20, HIIT30, HIIT45, Aqua45, Suspension, Playground Pump


    Tier 2 Coach

    Whenever you’re in Fadly’s class, he will lead and motivate to push beyond your limits. This cycling junkie will always try new things to challenge your strength and endurance. Fadly specialises in functional movement; focusing more on correcting and improving your daily activities. He finds the perfect balance between doing body weight workouts and indulging in ice creams. It’s never a dull moment when you’re training with Fadly.






    Classes: Cync, Peloton, HIIT30, HIIT45

    Ming Shao

    Tier 2 Coach

    Ming Shao, a graduate in Exercise Science believes that fit is not a destination, instead it is a way of life. Ming Shao prioritises in correcting your flexibility and mobility before diving into the extreme exercises. As an athlete throughout his life, Ming Shao believes that discipline and persistence will help to achieve your results. Don’t be fooled by his poker face, Ming Shao has a lot of tricks up his hand even when it comes to training. His “no nonsense” style will drive yourself to push harder when you’re in his class.


    Classes: HIIT30, HIIT45, Circuit, Suspension, Snooze by Getha, Animal Flow, HIIT2O, Aqua45


    Tier 2 Coach

    Growing up, Qhalid has always been active in sports, even represented his school in various competitions. His height may intimidate you, but this trainer of ours is approachable if you need help in getting your form right. Qhalid specialises in bodybuilding and weight loss, which compliments his signature training style of resistance training. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop, you will definitely enjoy Qhalid’s classes. You will be dripping in sweat in his class, but with some sick beats you will forget the struggle and remember why do you keep coming back for more!



    Classes: HIIT30, HIIT45,

    Cardio Kickboxing


    Tier 2 Coach

    A balance of being passionate and patient, Kenneth is the one you can always expect a straight answer from because he will tell it as it is. He's an avid power-lifter and athlete with a passion for helping people gain muscle size and strength. However, he's well aware of the importance of holistic training, integrating methods from several training styles and even specialising in low-impact pool exercise for anyone working through injury. An all-round stand up guy, Kenneth gets his motivation from helping clients achieve their goals.


    Classes: HIIT20, HIIT30, HIIT45, Animal Flow, Suspension, Aqua45


    Tier 2 Coach

    & Nutritionist

    A trained yogi, nutritionist and dancer, Delphine's a student of the arts and sciences. She's attended the Royal Academy of Dance to the highest grade and later graduated with BSc (Hons) Nutrition from King's College London and MRes (Diabetes and Obesity) from Imperial College London. An adept mover, Delphine teaches and practices both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. So if you're looking to understand the depths of yoga as well as an expert's opinion on nutrition and diet plans, she's got you covered.



    Classes: Slo Flo Yoga, Power Flo Yoga, Sunrise Yoga


    Tier 3 Coach

    Hanna’s training style is the epitome of badass, you never know what you’re in for! All you have to do is bring your A game and she will bring your stamina to a level you didn’t think possible. Trust Hanna to make sure you burn enough calories to earn your meal after. Your success is her mission! Besides personal training, Hanna is also experienced in group classes. Make sure to book her classes early, her classes are always fully booked!






    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Animal Flow, Aqua45, HIIT2O, Kettlebells


    Tier 3 Coach


    Kish is an experienced Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer with strong background in functional training and strength & conditioning. Specialising in corrective exercises, animal locomotion and functional movement, it’s not brainer that this former bodybuilder is highly passionate to help others reach their health and fitness goals. Together with this cool and calm manner, Kish loves to engage his clients in activities that encourage healthy lifestyle, mind and body.













    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, Animal Flow


    Tier 3 Coach

    Growing up as a chubby, injury-prone kid, the Sean you see today is the product of years of hard-work and determination. An extremely knowledgeable coach, he wants nothing more than to share his expertise with anyone who needs it. His motivation stems from a desire to educate the public regarding the misconceptions that are hindering the fitness industry. Truly client-centric, Sean's gift is facilitating a safe space for his clients to thrive in.


















    Tier X Coach


    Staying true to the phrase, “Jack of all Trades”, it’s no wonder why Jacq’s at the highest level of the ladder - he’s been in the fitness industry since 2005! He’s passionate in movement, strength, music and all things fitness. His spirit and never ending energy will help you to unleash the inner Thor in you! As a trainer, Jacq’s training style is pretty hybrid; mixing both traditional and progressive tools together with body weight movements, to help his clients achieve their goals. Just be ready to keep up with this ball of energy!












    Classes : HIIT30, HIIT45, Suspension, HIIT2O, Cync


    Tier 1 Coach

    Oskar has always been an active person since childhood. It’s who he is. From the football pitch, to the skate park, to the climbing gym. Oskar has always strived to be the best athlete he can be and the gym has helped him tremendously with that. Having lived in several different countries and being educated in the US he has a taste for culture and appreciation for people from all walks of life. His goal is to improve people's misconceptions about fitness and to better the individual as well as maximizing his or her potential to any physical activity. Oskar is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and specializes in weight loss and bodybuilding. If you like rap and a bit of the Gen Z vibes then head straight for his HIIT classes! You won’t regret it.


    Classes : FIIT, HIITabata, BEAST


    Tier 1 Coach



    ‘Make fitness a long term habit’. Christine strongly believes that fitness is a long term journey and people should make it a daily habit as health is wealth. She has been active in sports since high-school. As a former architecture degree holder, Christine has a natural taste for adventure and enjoys exploring the world. She likes to challenge her own limitations, and step out of her comfort zone to try the new. She even made the first move as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with no prior experience within the fitness field. Her passion is to educate her clients, the gym members, and family about the importance of exercise.






    Classes : FIIT, HIIT20, HIIT30


    Tier 2 Coach


    Nick is one of our newest body transformation specialists. He first gained interest in fitness and aesthetics when he was 16 years old, which quickly turned into a passion dedicated to learning and understanding the most effective and efficient way to build muscle mass and shed body fat, through training and nutrition.
    He has a natural ability to coach and motivate people to maximise their genetic potential, with the ultimate goal of achieving a better physique. His other certifications include ACE, FITM certified instructor, FEA, FTI, Muay Thai level 1 & 2.


    Classes : FIIT, HIIT30, BEAST, Suspension


    Tier 2 Coach

    As a kid, Sheng struggled with obesity. A struggle that would eventually lead him to find his passion for fitness in high-school through basketball and he hasn't looked back since.

    Over the years, his journey has grown beyond sports to include training styles from powerlifting to even Muay Thai, accumulating several certifications along the way including NASM, BodyPump, Cross Circuit Training and Self Myofascial Release to name a few.

    As a former animation artist turned fitness coach, Sheng's naturally a creative soul who hates feeling unproductive. A trait that becomes apparent to his clients as his infectious enthusiasm motivates them push themselves in a fun environment.

    So if you're looking for a versatile trainer who keeps every training session enjoyable and exciting, Sheng's your guy.


    Classes : HIIT30, Suspension, Kettlebell Strength, BEAST, K.O


    Tier 2 Coach


    It’s all in the mind! This psychology graduate firmly believes that mental health plays an equal role in your overall well-being.

    He specializes in sculpting lean & fit bodies; building muscle whilst accelerating fat loss. As a PTAG certified professional, it doesn’t matter what shape or size you’re in, he’s got you covered! Don’t be fooled by the corded steel though, deep down he’s a big softie with a heart of gold.

    Need assistance? Just look for the guy with the biggest smile in the room.




    Classes : HIIT20, HIIT30, HIITabata, FIIT, Suspension, KetlleBells, BEAST


    Tier 3 Yoga PT Coach

    With a degree in Law from Northumbria University, Esther Leong spent the early years of her professional career in the legal corporate field.

    Her bold decision to hop on a plane to India to attain her Yoga Alliance 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course (with a focus in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow) kickstarted her journey and experience in the fitness world. As she dived further into her fitness career, Esther added the 65hrs Unnata Aerial Yoga and 20hrs Yoga Stick and Back Roller Therapy to her belt. In addition, she has also spent some time with Dylan Werner from California to advance her Yoga Handstand skills.

    A motto Esther strongly advocates for is that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is for all age groups, all fitness levels and for any physical form.

    Learn to discipline your mind and body, and connect the two. With patience and guidance from Esther, the ‘tough’ won’t be so hard.


    Classes : Slo Flo Yoga, Power Flo Yoga, Sunset Yoga


    Tier 3 Coach

    The maestro of group classes, Jean was nominated Kuala Lumpur's Best Instructor in the Best of ClassPass Awards 2020. After a decade in the corporate industry, she began training a friend and was soon given the opportunity to join the fitness industry as word of her talent spread. Her fitness journey began with powerlifting and bodybuilding, but these days she's into power-building, building aesthetics without compromising function whilst maintaining her cardio-fitness level with HIIT. As a former athlete and equestrian with certifications in personal training (ACE), group fitness (GFIT), Muaythai Kickboxing (for PTs Level 1 & 2), Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist Level 1; Jean's a veteran who uses her vast experiences to electrify the atmosphere of every room she conducts.


    Classes : FIIT, HIITabata, BEAST, Euphoria

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