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Workout Rewards Programme

Babel Life programme enhances your fitness experience through club activities, allowing you to earn reward points and win attractive prizes

Enrolment Period: 3 - 14 July | Points Collection Period: 15 July - 30 Sept


The more activities you complete, the more life points you earn.

The more life points you have, the more chances you have of winning….


We're super pumped to introduce our new workout rewards program, Babel Life! We’re all about celebrating everything you do here at Babel. Whether you're crushing it in group classes, working with our awesome trainers, realising your potential in discovery, taking care of yourself with physio sessions or even just showing up, we want to give you the props you deserve.


Babel Life isn't just about getting fit; it's about living your best life and being part of a community that’s got your back. Every visit, every class, every wellness session gets you closer to your goals and earns you awesome rewards.


At Babel, it’s not fitness, it’s life.

Billy Waters, COO of Babel

Earn Points for Every Activity and win attractive rewards & prizes

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Attractive Prizes just for you

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Terms & Conditions

1. Participating members enrolling in Babel Life agree to provide relevant info that may be shared publicly on the Babel Life leadership board. Relevant information includes but is not limited to, activities done, name, profile picture and total points accumulated.
2. Participating members are allowed to freeze membership during the programme period.
3. Complimentary services e.g. personal training / physio are not included in the point earning mechanics. Personal training and physio sessions from paid services/memberships including 1ON1, X3, WLNS, Welcome, Single Sessions and Extended PT are included.
4. Participating members can collect points via visits and activities at all Babel outlets, however will only be competing within their own home club.
5. Only activities in / by Babel TTDI & Babel KLCC are taken into account for points earning. Classes / visits at Euphoria, BossFit and Tone Platinum Park will not be included in Babel Life.
6. Participating members enrolled in Babel Life are not allowed to transfer / change home club after 14th July. Any request should be made **before** 14th July 2024.
7. Points accumulated are tabled automatically and are final after 30th Sept 2024.
8. Winner prizes are non transferable, non refundable and non exchangeable for cash or other services.
9. Management reserves the rights to make adjustments to the terms without prior notice. All management decisions are final.
10. A referred member is classified only upon the completion of membership payments. Leads, prospects, day passes etc are not confirmed referrals and will not earn points. 

It’s Not Fitness, It’s Life

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